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Minute Hook Review

Minute Hook Review + OTO 1,2,3 – The World’s First AI Software that Makes ‘On Demand’ Ebooks, Downloadable Gifts, and List Growing Funnels For You!

Minute Hook Review – What is it?

Minute Hook is the world’s first AI Software that makes ‘on demand’ ebooks, downloadable gifts, and list-growing funnels for you. This is the traffic and subscriber growth software bringing activity-targeted subscribers worldwide exposure to any blog, hands-free after one minute setup!

Minute Hook AI Software Comes With Never-Before-Seen Features…

  • WordPress Plugin: Allows you to automatically turn your blog posts into lead magnets or ‘hooks’. Your website visitors can click a button and have a copy of that article sent to their email inbox, capturing their email address and adding them to your autoresponder and/or a completely managed, monetized weekly newsletter (with your ads and branding included)
  • Fully Branded Viral PDFs: The plugin will automatically create stunning PDFs adding a beautifully designed splash page, branding it with your website’s logo, links to your website, social sharing buttons, and all of the content from your post wonderfully formatted and professional-looking.
  • Content Distribution: Blog owners can choose to include their most popular articles in our content distribution network, allowing other people to give away their reports (with links to their website, their affiliate links, etc)
  • Non-Wordpress Users: For people who don’t have a website or are complete beginners, we’ve got the perfect solution too! Members will also receive a collection of done-for-you lead magnet funnels offering regularly updated content (fresh daily!) you can give away, capture emails, and put them in your own automatically managed, monetized, written for your weekly newsletters.

Everything is set up quickly and easily – and can be live in under 1 minute.

Minute Hook

Minute Hook Review – Overview

ProductMinute Hook
VendorCindy Donovan
Launch Time2024 – Apr – 09 At 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price$17 – $27
Product TypeAI Software
Official Website + Discount CodeCLICK HERE TO GO OFFICIAL WEBSITE
RefundYES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
SupportEffective Response
Skill Level NeededAll Levels

Minute Hook Review – How Does It Work?

Minute Hook Works In Just Three Simple Steps…


Upload and activate this WordPress plugin like any other plugin.

Copy/paste the API key we give you. This simple step activates the plugin and connects your blog to the done-for-you, prebuilt, and managed newsletter and funnel systems.

We show you how to do this in the quick, one-minute setup video

Don’t have WordPress yet? Read on to see how you can still use Minute Hook and our DFY funnel systems.


Follow the step-by-step campaign setup wizard.

Every step has pre-filled content, so you can customize it to match your brand – or keep it as it is, straight out of the box. Following this wizard you’ll:

  • Choose which list to add them to
  • Create your CTA ‘Hook’ buttons
  • Customise your lead capture popup (or leave as is)
  • Choose where you want them to be displayed


Minute Hook will go to work for you!

  • Automatically displays call-to-action buttons offering gifts
  • When clicked, your visitor is offered the post as PDF via email
  • Minute Hook generates their PDF, branded to you with your logo, your links, and backlinks to your blog
  • Delivers it to their inbox (guarantee primary inbox delivery!)
  • Subscribe them to your list and/or manage your lists too!
  • Publishes & distributes your best content across our network, getting your branding, links, and content more traffic!

Watch Minute Hook Demo In Action

You’re Just A Few Clicks Away From… More Subscribers, More Clicks & Sales, Automated Simplicity

Minute Hook Review – The Main Features

  • High-Quality eBooks – Creates professionally designed PDFs with images, videos, and more…
  • Customized To You – Automatically publish with your website’s logo, links
  • Inbuilt Viral Sharing – Includes social icons in the report, linking to the article on your blog
  • Website Free Option – We’ll show you how to get your own setup and give you DFY cloud-hosted funnels while you learn
  • Works For Any Niche – Creates professionally designed PDF reports
  • Many Integrations – Works without it, but options are good! Connect AR, webinars, etc
  • Full Optin Funnels – Leads are automatically captured, reports sent & follow-ups too!
  • Smart Click Targeting – Distributes categorized content for targeted audience growth
  • Boost Traffic – Breathe life into any WordPress blog immediately, adding valuable downloadable content
  • Beginner Friendly – Nothing technical to configure or set up, activate, or publish, and it’s live
  • Handsfree Followups – (Optional) managed, monetized, branded weekly newsletters
  • AI-Powered Traffic – Smart system autodetects content most likely to go viral, and publish it
  • Global Distribution – Auto-publishes and distributes for you with your links and branding
  • Fast Start Training – Step one has the average member set up and automated in about 1.8 minutes, live, and ready to go!

Minute Hook Review – The Benefits

The goal with Minute Hook was to make growing lists with your blog the most beginner-friendly, fast, and easy way to start seeing results online, without the need to be so hands-on. It expanded to include additional funnels so that even if you don’t have a blog yet, you can still be a part of this!

So if you are starting out (or just in a hurry), everything is 100% ready to go after you’ve completed your one-minute activation. Right out of the box you’ll have:

  • 5 Complete Newsletters: Delivering beautifully tailored content for your audience each and every week
  • Plug & Play Popups: Use our WordPress plugin or standalone script to display opt-in forms anywhere
  • Branded & Monetized: Add your logo, brand, and ads, or leave it to us to choose products to promote for you
  • Custom AI GPT Bots: Access our customized bots to create sub-niche targeted completely unique newsletters

With Minute Hook you can add the popup to an existing website and turn visitors who would have left previously into leads and ongoing automated traffic, clicks, leads, and sales. Keep reading to find out about your included 5 funnel systems

Each Funnel Includes:

  • Lead Capture Page: With hosted & automated autoresponder​
  • Lead Magnet PDF: High-Value Reports. Designed, created & delivered to your audience automatically
  • Confirmation Page: For an excellent subscriber experience
  • Download Page: Delivering your gift and preselling an affiliate offer (with your links automatically added)
  • Thank You Page: More engagement, gifts, and reasons for them to keep looking for your emails
  • Targeted Written For You Email Sequence: Goes out automatically with your links embedded for 18 days of emails
  • Promo Tools Kit: Banners & swipes, ready to copy/paste and share to grow your audiences easily without writing a word.
  • MANY Integration Options: Connect your autoresponder, add your own scripts to pages, and much much more…!

Minute Hook Review – Who is it for?

Minute Hook is Perfect For…

Content Marketers And WordPress Bloggers

  • Convert Readers into Email Subscribers: Transform your blog posts into downloadable PDFs that capture the reader’s email when they show interest. It’s an efficient way to grow your email list while providing value.
  • Grow Your Brand: By automatically branding the PDFs with your website’s logo and including social sharing buttons, content marketers can grow their brand visibility and encourage readers to share the content on social media
  • Leverage Content Distribution: Share your standout articles within our network, amplifying your reach and bringing more traffic to your site.

Affiliate Marketers And Product Owners

  • Boost Earnings Through Newsletters: Use the plugin to collect emails and seamlessly send out newsletters that include your affiliate links, opening up another channel for potential revenue. We write, queue, and add your links for you.
  • Create Shareable, Branded Content: Generate professional-looking PDFs embedded with your affiliate links. When these are shared, they spread your reach alongside your affiliate opportunities, having others share them too!
  • Expand Your Reach via Content Syndication: Distribute your content (+ affiliate links) across our network to tap into new audiences, and maximize your marketing.

Small Business Owners And Entrepreneurs

  • Automate Your Marketing Funnel: If you’re starting without a website or looking to streamline your marketing, our pre-made funnels and content solutions can help you gather emails and engage your audience with minimal effort.
  • Level Up The Professional Look Of Your Content: Instantly upgrade the presentation of your content with our design features, helping you build trust and authority in your market.
  • Keep Engagement High: Use our platform to regularly send curated, relevant content to your audience, keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds.

Non-WordPress Users And Beginners

  • Access Comprehensive Marketing Tools: Our platform offers a suite of tools for lead generation and content marketing, even if you don’t use WordPress. Start building your email list with our ready-made lead magnets.
  • Enjoy Hassle-Free Content Creation: Benefit from automatically managed newsletters filled with fresh content, allowing you to maintain consistent communication with your subscribers without constant content creation.
  • Participate in Our Content Network: Join our content distribution network to share and promote content, enhancing your visibility and audience reach without needing your own WordPress site (you might be inspired once you get into the community though!)

Minute Hook Review – Bonuses

When You Get Access To Minute Hook Today, You Also Get Special Bonuses And Discounts Are Available For A Limited Time Only!

Minute Hook Review Bonuses

So Now It’s, Your Turn To Choose!

You’ve got everything you need to grow, engage, monetize, and expand your email lists and blogs beyond anything you could do yourself, even if you had weeks to build and create a perfectly aligned lead magnet for every person who visited your website – it might take you years…!

So now you have just two options:

  • Close The Door: Continuing with your struggle and frustrations
  • Try Minute Hook For Yourself: Benefit from 30 risk-free days of lead generation, automated follow-ups, and ongoing traffic.

If it only gets you 50-100 leads in the next 30 days, it’s worth trying yeah?

Minute Hook Review

special offer gif

Minute Hook Review – OTOs

OTOs Don’t Work If You Don’t Have a Front End, Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs from Below If Already Have a Front End!

Minute Hook Review - Price



OTO 1: Minute Hook Traffic ($27) ===>>> Official OTO 1 Website + Discount

  • Unlocks the Minute Hook Advanced features in the WP plugin
  • Use these features to have AI generate SEO-enriched content pieces for your blog
  • Generates cornerstone articles perfect for Minute Hook lead magnets!
  • Generates feeder articles to boost your cornerstone article’s authority
  • Creates images for your blog, making posts stand out and featured images too
  • Creates it all with just a couple of keywords and one click! 

OTO 2: Minute Hook Ultimate Boost ($47-$67) ===>>> Official OTO 2 Website + Discount

  • Unlock 10 additional DFY funnels
  • Unlock 10 additional weekly DFY newsletters

OTO 3: Minute Hook Agency Unlimited ($67 or $197) ===>>> Official OTO 3 Website + Discount

  • You will be able to create accounts and manage client list growth and newsletter branding (easy setup, add your client’s name and monetization info), then charge for managing their email service.)

OTO Minute Hook Bundle ($597)  ===>>> Minute Hook Bundle + Discount

Thank you for reading my Minute Hook Review best wishes to you!

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